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Flowform® Ultra 90 Cushion now available in three new sizes

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Developed in response to customer requests, we are delighted to offer 3 new sizes for Flowform® Ultra 90 Cushions:  15" x 16", 18" x 17" and 20" x 17".

Flowform® Ultra 90 is the ultimate “easy maintenance” cushion for up to Stages 1-2 pressure damage.

Flowform® Ultra 90 is Made in Britain with prices as low as £50 per cushion depending on volume!

Click here to see more information on Flowform® Ultra 90. New literature with the new sizes on is now available from Sumed.

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Full Range of Flowform® Ultra 90 Sizes


15in x 16in x 3.5in (38cm x 38cm x 9cm) NEW!


16in x 16in x 3.5in (41cm x 41cm x 9cm)


16in x 18in x 3.5in (41cm x 46cm x 9cm)


17in x 17in x 3.5in (43cm x 43cm x 9cm)


18in x 17in x 3.5in (46cm x 43cm x 9cm) NEW!


18in x 20in x 3.5in (46cm x 51cm x 9cm)


20in x 17in x 3.5in (51cm x 43cm x 9cm) NEW!