Akton® Pad

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The Akton® can be easily trimmed to shape with sharp scissors and sealed with cellophane tape, platilon or dusted with talcum powder. Ideal for use in customised devices.

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Specifically created to reduce the risk of skin, and nerve damage caused by prolonged sitting, reclining or laying down. This tissue-like dry polymer assists in reducing shear and evenly distributing pressure - two of the main contributing factors leading to tissue breakdown.

This material is, in simpler terms, an ultrasoft synthetic rubber which acts like a fluid giving uniform support, yet is a coherent soft solid, which does not bottom out.

With its gentle spring-like resilience and soft, easy stretching ability, Akton® quickly adjusts to the shape of any body surface it contacts, intensive pressure points are reduced and the material returns and permanently holds its original shape when not under load. It won't flow, become lumpy, distorted or leak if the pad is punctured.

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    • Akton® Pad
Pressure relieving  Akton® Pad with excellent stretching ability

Applications of Adaptive Pad

  • Can be used to prevent and heal blisters formed by using crutches
  • Can be used on wheelchair arms and head rests for additional pressure relief
  • Can be used to offer superior cold therapy by storing temporarily in the freezer to soothe arthritis
  • Can be used on bicycle seats
  • Akton Adaptive Pads are suitable for paediatric clients. See other products in the paediatric portfolio from Sumed or the full Continuity of Care Portfolio Overview

AO5   Action Flat Sheet 45 x 50 x 0.64cm
AO6  Action Standard Sheet 50.8 x 50.8cm (20 x 20")

You can purchase Akton Sealer Strips 12"x 2" depth (AO6A) if this is required for the edges once cut to shape