Xact® Lite Cushion - Lightweight for wheelchair users

At just 3.2 lbs, the XACT Lite offers active wheelchair users excellent pressure relief and exceptional anti-shearing properties.

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The Xact® Lite introduces a new technology in a lightweight pressure relief cushion for wheelchair users. The ¼” Akton® polymer-textured overlay, on a contoured multi-layered foam base, promotes therapeutic positioning and comfort.

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 Action Xact® Lite: Lightweight  pressure relieving Akton®  polymer cushion offering exceptional anti-shearing properties for wheelchair users

Action Xact® Lite Pressure Relief Cushion Sizing Chart 

Product Code Size
XL1616 16" x 16" / 40.5cm x 40.5cm
XL1618 16" x 18" / 40.5cm x 46cm
XL1620 16" x 20" / 40.5cm x 51cm
XL1816 18" x 16" / 46cm x 40.5cm
XL1818 18" x 18" / 46cm x 46cm
XL1820 18" x 20" / 46cm x 51cm
XL2016 20" x 16" / 51cm x 40.5cm
XL2018 20" x 18" / 51cm x 46cm
XL2020 20" x 20" / 51cm x 51cm

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