Action® Pressure Relieving Mattresses

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The Action Products Inc range of pressure relieving mattress toppers approaches the basic principles in a different fashion. Envelopment is catered for by using the underlying foam mattress and Akton Polymer of different thicknesses depending on the user's needs.

Added Function

Akton® viscoelastic polymer provides an important added function to the performance of the product. Akton® is like a fluid, giving uniform support, yet is actually a soft solid, which will not bottom out. When pressure is applied at an angle to the skin surface, the various layers of the skin move over each other causing tissue distortion. This is called shear and different areas of the skin have different tolerances to shear forces. Deformation due to shear occurs where there is friction between the skin and the surface with which it is in contact, e.g. clothes. The frictional force will hold the upper layers of the skin stationary while the deeper layers move across one another. The Akton® mattress pads acts like a second skin and provides a reduction in shear across the support area. Akton® quickly adjusts to the shape of the body, however it will return to and permanently hold its original shape when not under load.

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