Flowform® Bath Mattress for Extra Pressure Relief

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Flowform® Bath Mattress was designed for a patient requiring tissue protection from a condition requiring pressure relief whilst being bathed lying down. The development of this product came as a result of a request from a Social Services Department dealing with HIV patients.

It is an enlarged version of the already proven Flowform® Bath Cushion. It contains the same Flowform® 39" x 14½" x 1½" / 99cm x 36.5cm x 3.5cm (approx).

Suction cups are used on each corner and on both outer edges in the middle of the mattress to ensure it remains in position.

Flowform® Bath Mattress offers the patient a stable, comfortable pressure relieving surface to lie on, supporting both shoulders and buttocks. The mattress is easily cleaned using proprietary cleaning solutions.

Maximum Weight: 20 Stones

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Flowform® Bath Mattresses are Made in Britain and the quality is reviewed personally by our dedicated team here in Hadfield.

Flowform®  Bath Mattresses are a suitable pressure relieving solution for paediatric clients. See other products in the paediatric portfolio from Sumed

Warning: Please do not try and lift the bathing products from the bathing surface after use without first sliding the suction pumps to the side and off the bottom. The suction pumps are designed not to detach easily in order to maximise stability.

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Flowform® Bath Cushions, Bath Mattresses and Commode/Bath Hoist Cushions are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for a period of 24 months from the date of purchase

Flowform Bath Mattress: Pressure relieving bathing solution. Excellent community solution 

Product Code Description Size
34395 Bath Mattress 39" x 14½" x 1½"(approx)

99cm x 36.5cm x 3.5cm (approx)

Flowform Bathing Instructions for Use