Pressure Area Care

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FlowForm® pressure relieving bathing and seating solutions

    • Flowform® Module

Sumed have created the Flowform® module (see right) for use in our pressure relieving Flowform® Ultra 90 cushion, commode cushion and unique bathing range consisting of a bath mattress and bath cushions in a variety of sizes.

You can now buy  Flowform® Bathing Products on the Consumer Sumed Online Shop

The Flowform® module was designed to create an effective seating surface which could provide relief by taking pressure away from the ischial tuberosities and sacral area; the module does this by adapting to the available body shape and increasing the surface area over which to disperse pressure. Flowform® liquid has a viscous consistency and the envelope of the module is constructed with the addition of spot welded areas which prevent “hammocking” occurring between bony prominences.

Flowform® pressure relieving Bathing Range is Made in Britain and the quality is reviewed personally by our dedicated team here in Hadfield.

Codes and Product Type Finished Size in Inches Finished Size in Centimetres
Flowform® Ultra 90 15" x 16" x 3½ (approx) 38cm x 38cm x 9cm
Flowform® Ultra 90 16" x 16" x 3½  (approx) 41cm x 41cm x 9cm
Flowform® Ultra 90 16" x 18" x 3½  (approx) 41cm x 46cm x 9cm
Flowform® Ultra 90 17" x 17" x 3½  (approx) 43cm x 43cm x 9cm
Flowform® Ultra 90 17" x 18" x 3½  (approx) 43cm x 46cm x 9cm
Flowform® Ultra 90 18" x 20" x 3½  (approx) 46cm x 51cm x 9cm
Flowform® Bath Cushion 34505 13" x 13" x 1½" (approx) 33cm x 33cm x 3.5cm (approx)
Flowform® Bath Cushion 34705 15" x 15" x 1½" (approx) 38cm x 38cm x 3.5cm (approx)
Flowform® Bath Cushion 34805 17" x 17"x 1½" (approx) 43cm x 43cm x 3.5cm (approx)
Flowform® Bath Mattress 34395 34" x 16½" x 1½" (approx) 86cm x 43cm x 3.5cm (approx)
Flowform® Commode /Bath Hoist Cushion 34407 34" x 17"x 2" (approx) 42cm x 43cm x 5cm (approx)
  • Flowform® Bathing Range
  • This leaflet gives details on the Flowform® Bathing Range including the Bath Cushion, Bath Hoist/Commode Cushion and the Bath Mattress

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