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Pressure Area Care

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POLYAIR® Cushions

POLYAIR® cushions are made in France, by System Assistance Medical. 

POLYAIR® cushions are made from Laxprene® material, which has been specially developed to be:

  • Very flexible and elastic, with a very high tearing resistance.
  • Durable.
  • Adaptable to the user's shape.
  • Ideal for pressure management, and maintenance.

Each cushion is manufactured through a dipping process, which gives the material a softness, ensuring a perfect response to inflation and pressure.

The honeycomb design, for the air-cell layout, increases the contact area with the user. This helps to distribute pressure over the cushion surface. 

See the image to the right, taken using the Foresite™ SS Pressure Mapping system: A user on a POLYAIR® 100.

POLYAIR® cushion valves are all non-leak (like the tyres on a car), meaning that if the pump is not attached, the valve will not leak the air from the cushion.

This means that the air will not leak accidentally, from someone playing with the valve, or when pushing the valve through the eyelets in the cover after inflation.

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    • Inflation Setting Chart


Improperly inflated cushions - either over- or under-inflated - can lead to pressure damage. 

POLYAIR® cushions are provided with an easy to use hand pump with an inflation bulb. The POLYAIR® 100 and POLYAIR® 60 cushion pump also comes with a specially designed Pressure Gauge which clearly shows the cushion pressure setting when the user is sat on the cushion.

The pressure setting can be calculated using the table, on this webpage. Or, for a more detailed description of how to calculate the appropriate pressure setting for the user, see the handy set up guide (downloadable below).

POLYAIR®, Laxprene®, and the SYST'AM logo are all registered trademarks of System Assistance Medical.