Sumed® Products - Overview and Exciting News

Take a look at all of the Sumed® Brands as an overview 

NEW Integrity® Dynamic Mattress

Integrity® Dynamic Mattress - NEW Sumed® Brand. We asked clinicians and patients about their preferences to get a clear understanding of their preferences in a Dynamic Mattress. We found that an ultra-quiet pump would provide real benefits and could improve sleep quality. 

Excellent Feedback on the product has gathered interest with a unique stepping down feature. Integrity® is highly adaptable. It has three pressure settings that adjust to the weight of the patient but these in turn can be adjusted if the clinician would like more control.

Ventilated cells with micro low air loss in high risk areas and Auto Firm "Nursing" setting for catheterisation and manual handling procedures

Sumed Online Store for private customers has just been launched!!!!  

The Consumer online shop includes the Sumed pressure relief cushion, wound care and positioning brands below amongst other products from our suppliers


Bifoam Back

Flowform® Bathing


Below is the Bifoam Back available at Sumed Online and the new Akton® pebble technology on the Primenest 2  pressure relief cushion available to order by phone

    • Sumed Bifoam Back
    • Pebble Pad Cushion by Action®

Sumed International (UK) Ltd manufacture a range of modular based pressure relief cushions and other products including disabled bathing that are the result of a research and development programme that started in the 1970's.

Pressure sores have been the subject of research for many years. As the description suggests, the condition arises in individuals whose skin tissues deteriorate due to disability, illness and pressure being placed on the superficial tissues.

Unrelieved pressure will interfere with local blood circulation, leading to ischaemia and then tissue necrosis. Such tissue necrosis causes ulceration or pressure sores. It was apparent that there was a need for an effective seating surface which could provide pressure rlief proving pressure redistribution from impact points around the ischial tuberosites and sacral area, by adapting to the available body shape and increasing the surface area over which to disperse pressure. If this surface could react to movement, and cause stimulation of the circulation, so much better.