Pressure Area Care

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Primenest® 2 - A new Pressure Relieving Cushion with Extra Stability

    • Primenest® 2 Pressure Relieving Cushion

Positioning Cushion for up to Stages 1-2 Pressure Ulcer Protection

High envelopment architecture with stability specifically designed for the active user with new Akton® Gel Pebble Pad design 

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PrimeNest® 2 is a low profile seating system incorporating a contoured ABS* base and a large pebbled Akton® viscoelastic top layer bonded to a composite foam pad with a depth of 2.5 inches excluding the baseboard.

The cushion is enclosed in a sealed Tuftane® layer and comes complete with a stylish durable black polyurethane cover. 

The pebbled Akton® gel layer over the viscoelastic foam helps reduce friction and shock transmitted through the frame of the wheelchair

PrimeNest® 2 Cushions are Made in Britain and the quality is reviewed personally by our dedicated team here in Hadfield. 

    • Pebble Pad Cushion by Action®

ABS Contoured Base 

Extra security against pelvic deterioration 
  • A neutral seating position - Ensures that the client's legs are positioning securely with the troughs preventing possible pelvic deterioration

  • The base is cut out at the rear of the base relieving pressure in the sacral area for increased comfort.

    • ABS Primenest® 2 Contoured Base

The composite foam pad is constructed from viscoelastic foam bonded to a high quality base foam, specifically designed with a rounded leading edge offering additional comfort to the user. The pressure relieving properties makes Primenest® 2 effective as a wheelchair cushion.

The specific combination of viscoelastic foam used in the production of PrimeNest® 2 enables a high degree of envelopment with the stability of the hips enhanced further by the contoured base. 

The XSensor® Pressure Mapping system shows excellent pressure distribution and client immersion with PrimeNest® 2 (see right).
    • pressure mapping Primenest 2

Primenest® 2 Cushion Sizes 

The size of the cushion should be selected to cover the maximum seating surface of the appropriate seating area.  

Primenest 2 Codes

Primenest 2 Sizes


 16 in x 16 in (41cm x 41cm)


 17 in x 17 in (43cm x 43cm)


 18 in x 18 in (46cm x 46cm)


 20 in x 18 in (51cm x 51cm)


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