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Clean and Repair Service for Cushions and Mattresses

Do you have any Cushions and Mattresses that are in need of our Clean and Repair service?

Give us a call on 01457 890980 to discuss your requirements.

To get the cushion and mattress Clean and Repair service please send your name and details with the cushion alongside a completed Declaration Form, which is available at the bottom of the page. FREE carriage available on 5 or more products. 
NHS Customers please note that a NEW purchase order needs to be sent in with the cushions in order for the cushion or mattress for Clean and Repair to be processed efficiently. 

The complete Clean and Repair Service typically costs only £55 per item, if the cushion is beyond economic repair we will only charge you £12.50 for the inspection of the cushion or mattress. (Please note that you will be refunded the difference, as you will be charged for the full clean and repair service before we can commence work.)

Sumed is pleased to offer this Clean and Repair service across the entire range of Cushions, Mattresses and Continuity of Care products.

If you have any questions about getting your cushions or mattresses cleaned and repaired call us now on 01457 890980 to find out more or email