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CILTECH® - Scar Treatment Silicone Gel and Sheet

The silicone solution to scarring…….

Hypertrophic and keloid scarring following surgery, burns or accidental trauma can  present difficulties for the sufferer, both in terms of cosmetic appearance and sometimes with reduced functionality or movement of the affected area  

Prescription information for Patients

The brand new Sumed Online Store includes Ciltech® Sheets (including individual sheets!) and gels.

We recommend Ciltech® Scar Treatment Sheets as they are discreet to wear at less than 1mm thick.

We recommend Ciltech® Scar Treatment Gels which are pleasant to wear with little gel application required. 

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    • Ciltech® Scar Management

 Since the 1980s, hypertrophic scars have been successfully treated through wound care by either silicone sheet or silicone gel treatments which result in partial occlusion and rehydration of the skin leading to a reduction of scar size, discolouration and prominence.

Sumed now gives the healthcare professional a single, simple source for silicone scar treatment, with substantial cost savings, in the form of the Ciltech® sheet and gel range.

The full range is available on FP10 and also available for purchase through UK Pharmacies.